Katonah Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps

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Our Members

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

– Margaret Mead



Line Officers

Captain: Jessica Carducci – EMT-P, Driver, Life Member   Email Jess
First Lieutenant: Lesley Boltz EMT, Driver   Email Lesley
Second Lieutenant: Bruce Yablon – EMT, Driver   Email Bruce
Third Lieutenant: Alexandra Pollack – EMT   Email Alexandra


Board Of Directors

Board Chairman: Chuck Cohen – Driver, Life Member  Email Chuck
President: Jeff Carpenter – Driver, Life Member
Vice-President: Alexandra Williams – EMT, Driver
Treasurer: Jessica DeAlto – EMT, Driver
Recording Secretary: Charles Rohrer – Driver, Life Member
Andrew Kaplan – EMT, Driver, Life Member
George Moskowitz – Crew
Nancy Speidell – EMT, Driver, Life Member
Betsy Weir – Crew



Toyin Akinbolajo – Crew
Martin Bailey – Crew
Daniel Bastardi – Crew
Aric Bittker – EMT, Driver, Life Member
Michelle Brier – EMT, Driver
Maria Gabriella Brodi – Crew
Kyle Brown – Crew
Paul Cantor – EMT, Life Member
Amanda Carducci – EMT, Driver
Rick Carone – EMT, Driver, Life Member
Elias Chaiken – Crew
Jonathan Cohen – EMT, Driver
Lauren Connolly – Crew
Lila Cummings – Life Member
Nancy Evans – Crew
Jonathan Flink – EMT, Driver
Kasia Flink – Crew
Herb Foster – Driver, Life Member
Tina Foster – Driver, Life Member
Robert Franklin – EMT, Driver
Karen Fuchs – Driver, Life Member
Frank Fuhrman – Driver, Life Member
Danielle Garavito – EMT-P, Life Member
Karen Giraldo – Crew
Max Goodstein – EMT, Driver
Carolyn Groccia – Crew
Jackson Grzywacz – Crew
Gabriela Sanchez-Herrera – Crew
Selvin Herrera – Crew
Ryan Jenkins – Crew
Michelle Kaplan  – Crew, Life Member
Chris Kelly – Crew
Pat Larkin – Crew
Lauren Latham – Crew
Tony Legato – Driver
Gary Levine – EMT, Driver
Paula Levine – Crew
Mark Lovitz – Driver, Life Member
Ariel Low – EMT
Tom Mackey – Driver, Life Member
Sean MacLean – EMT
Jonathan Marton-Rollins – EMT, Driver
Joseph McGinn – EMT, Driver
Kevin McGinn – EMT, Life Member
Chris McLaughlin – EMT-P, Driver
Peter Meineck – EMT, Driver
Liz Morales – Crew
William Mullane – Driver
Billy Nickson – Driver, Life Member
Allison Oestreicher – Crew
Catharine Oestreicher – Crew
Margaret Oestreicher – Crew
John Ohnmacht – EMT, Driver, Life Member, Board
Paul Paauwe – Driver
Kate Palmesi – EMT-P
Sheila Palmesi – Crew
William Pappas – EMT
Anthony Pensabene – EMT, Driver
Cesar Perez – EMT, Driver, Life Member
Donna Perez – EMT, Driver, Life Member
Samantha Prato – Crew
Bernie Roberts – Driver, Life Member
Haley Rohrer – Crew
Ernie Ruzza – Crew, Life Member
Will Ryder – Crew
Lorenzo Salzano – Driver
Becky Schwartzman – EMT-P
Nikeeta Shah – Crew
Lynn Siegel – Crew
David Smith – Crew
Julia Smith – Crew
Lauren Smith – Crew
Harry Solomon – EMT
Chris Spain – Crew
Gabby Spain – Crew
John Stanley – Driver, Life Member
Albert Sulenski – Driver, Life Member
Juan-Carlos Tovar – Crew
Bonnie Trotta – Crew
Hank Tschorn – Life Member
Mary Tschorn – Honorary Member
David Waill – EMT, Driver, Life Member
Henry Waill – Crew
Nola Waill – EMT
Dean Weiner – Crew
Isabella Weiner – Crew
Katrina Weiner – Crew
Kuniko Weiner – Crew
Joe Woodruff – EMT, Driver
Alexa Yablon – Crew
Michael Yablon – Crew
Joan Zafian-Carone – EMT, Life Member


Jr. Corp

Carra Henry – Jr. Corps
Ceyla Henry – Jr. Corps
Francesca Ledone – Jr. Corps
Liam McDermott – Jr. Corps
Olivia Morabito – Jr. Corps
Allison Oestreicher – Jr. Corps
Eleni Pappas – Jr. Corps
Elizabeth Parry – Jr. Corps
RJ Partelow – Jr. Corps
Mills Reed – Jr. Corps
Drew Sandler – Jr. Corps
Lucy Siegel – Jr. Corps
Molly Siegel – Jr. Corps

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Contact Us

In an emergency, dial 911.
Non-emergency: 914.232.5872

Professional media inquiries: 914.815.8280

Mailing address:
Post Office Box 43
Katonah, NY 10536

Physical location:
160 Bedford Road
Katonah, NY 10536